The police killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner and the decision by respective Grand Juries not to bring forth criminal charges unleased the anger and energy of Black communities across the United States. Black philanthropists were not immune to this moment and today, collectively and individually, we struggle to better understand our roles. #BlackLivesMatter is opening spaces for Black practitioners, allies, and partners in philanthropy to further expand their involvement in this current movement for Black lives. We are Black practitioners in philanthropy who are organizing with urgency to support movement building opportunities that strive to eliminate state violence happening in our communities. We seek to assist in the effort to cultivate strategy and collective action grounded in racial justice and full emancipation for ALL Black lives.

Black Lives Matter Philanthropic Action
  • Community-led advocacy, policy, grassroots organizing and community engagement are needed to restore safety in our communities.
  • The tension between assessing the movement before funding versus funding emergent strategy for movement work cannot get in the way of supporting movements.
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