Shares lessons learned from a funder collaborative in support of efforts to boost voter participation and citizen engagement. Outlines benefits of collaboration and elements of success, including common strategies and goals and a focus on four counties.

  • "Broadening the Table" is a key element of the collaborative approach. By focusing on a common denominator that strengthens all of their work, the California funders are stepping out of their issue silos to invest in a core strategy that will contribute to the success of the movements they support.
  • Community Engagement is a key element of the collaborative approach. The members of California Civic Participation Funders began their work with an effort to convene community leaders, learn about the unique conditions in each county, and explore local priorities and perspectives.
  • A High Level of Autonomy for Participants is a key element of the collaborative approach. Every organization still makes its own grant decisions, but they are doing so in a highly coordinated way -- i.e., with an understanding of the group's broader goals and objectives, and of how their organizations' investments fit into a bigger puzzle. In other words, once everyone agrees on what the finished puzzle should look like, each member then contributes its respective pieces to complete it.
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