Bright Spots in Community Engagement Case Studies of U.S. Communities Creating Greater Civic Participation from the Bottom Up

by Christopher Hoene; Christopher Kingsley; Matthew Leighninger

Apr 1, 2013

CPER's founding funders had ambitious aims from the start. They sought specific education reforms that would expand opportunities and improve student outcomes. Yet at the same time, they looked beyond individual policy targets to questions about how policy decisions are made: Whose interests drive decision-making? What parties are considered to have relevant knowledge? Funders shaped CPER with the goal of transforming the policymaking process and enabling diverse stakeholders in vulnerable communities to fully exercise their educational rights—as one essential component of realizing a broader opportunity and justice agenda.

  • There is often very little connection across different efforts.
  • While many communities have had successful experiences with community engagement, the work can often emerge in a disjointed, piecemeal way
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