Catalyzing Regional Economic Transformation: Lessons from Funder Collaboration in Northeast Ohio

Oct 1, 2016

The Fund for Our Economic Future knows the promises and pitfalls of collaboration quite well. The Fund was formed in 2004 to address the long-term economic trajectory of Northeast Ohio, a region that has faced great challenges precipitated by the decline of its traditional manufacturing industries. The philanthropic organizations which formed this funder collaborative were concerned with how the struggling economy was fueling rising levels of poverty, income inequality and other negative consequences that if left unaddressed would debilitate the region for generations to come. Nearly a decade later, the Fund can point to important accomplishments through its work to date as well as challenges that remain ahead. Business growth efforts supported by the Fund have created thousands of new jobs and attracted hundreds of millions of dollars to companies in the region. However, the Fund hasn't made as much progress addressing other strategic goals in Northeast Ohio, including talent development, economic inclusion and government efficiency.

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