Dollars & Sense: Making the Fiscal Case for Immigration Reform

by Gail Ablow

Aug 1, 2016

Immigration Project partners gather and share economic data on immigrants on a wide range of indicators, including ethnographic makeup and average earnings. Collaboration (funding and research) makes it easier for anyone new to the immigration debate to dive right in. Expert fiscal analysis provides a solid grounding for many of the policies that are being championed, such as letting undocumented immigrants get legal drivers' licenses or making them eligible for in-state tuition at state colleges and universities. The groups do the "wonky analysis with lots of footnotes," gauging the economic contributions of immigrants, both legal and undocumented, across the country, and then they do the social math, putting the issues into terms that people—especially lawmakers—can understand.

Dollars & Sense: Making the Fiscal Case for Immigration Reform
  • It can be challenging for groups in a coalition to connect, because they work on diverse issues, but coalitions have benefits for small groups
  • Collaboration allows for easier sharing of data
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