Fund for Immigrants and Refugees: Lessons Learned in Grantmaking Collaboration

by Alice Cottingham

Jul 1, 2002

Informed by the experience of the Fund for Immigrants and Refugees, this article provides insight into effective collaborative grantmaking and important lessons learned.

  • Good will among partners is important - partners need to set aside territoriality, mold together various grantmaking styles, and often give up business-as-usual practices
  • The right sponsoring organization makes a difference. It should be someone with a track record of grantmaking partnerships and a range of support services
  • Collaborations should be time-limited to take in to account the periodic re-alignment of individual members' grantmaking priorities
  • The actual lifespan of a collaboration ultimately depends on resources
  • Consolidating the demands of multiple reporting requirements to the collaborative’s funders can often reduce workload and costs
  • Collaborations need to be flexible and accessible
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