Then And Now: How Engaged Philanthropy Helped Revitalize an Advocacy Organization for Children

Sep 1, 2004

In 2004, Chambers Family Fund and Rose Community Foundation published Then and Now (*PDF), a report describing a four year effort undertaken by a consortium of Colorado funders to stabilize a children's advocacy organization that fulfills a unique role in the state. The report chronicles the experience in two parts: that of the funders' collaborative and that of the advocacy organization, Colorado Children's Campaign. Together, the two accounts illustrate how this collaborative process resulted in an open exchange of ideas that allowed an advocacy organization to transform itself, while also allowing the funders hands-on experience in funding advocacy.

  • Funders must have a common interest and agree on the goals to be accomplished
  • Not all funders might provide funding, but they can provide resources, knowledge and other support
  • Collaborations can provide funders the opportunity to have a hands-on experience in how they engage with grantees (more direct, deliberate and accountable)
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